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Ever since its foundation, Uni-President Enterprise Corp. has faithfully followed the management philosophies of “Three Good” and “One Fairness” . The staff at Uni-President has worked tireless under the guidance of policies such as diversified management, adopting broader visions and valuing talented employees to yield an entrepreneurial spirit of integrity and diligence.

“Three Good” and “One Fairness” ~ the origin of Uni-President’s corporate spirits

“Good quality” refers to the company’s commitment to develop quality products orientated at safeguarding consumer rights so that every Uni-President product will meet the requirements of top international quality standards that even surpass the government’s stipulated standards, and that set the yardstick for the industrial standard to win recognition and become the safest choice for consumers. Here at Uni-President, the guiding quality policy is “full participation in the process of quality innovation and persistence in improving and creating value in order to meet customers’ expectations”. Every employee at Uni-President is fully aware of the fact that “quality will always be preserved when the situation requires a compromise to be made on quality or cost,” Today, it has been internalized at Uni-President to be the common rule of thumb observed by all employees.

“Good credibility” refers to the participation in competition or cooperation with a sincere and honest attitude to win the trust of partner companies. Uni-President has pledged itself never to produce products that are harmful to people’s health nor develop products made with inferior materials in order to cut costs; nor would we boost sales by resorting to false advertising. We have always believed in good business practices and have adopted the attitude of keeping our promises so as to cultivate absolute trust in Uni-President’s brand name in every consumer and collaborating partner of Uni-President Enterprise Corp.

“Good services” means fulfilling customers’ expectations by following the principle of “providing services whenever and wherever our customers need it” in establishing a steady and mutually beneficial relationship with our partners and winning our customers’ hearts with quality products and services.

“Fair prices” refers to Uni-President’s philosophy of making reasonable profits and offering products at fair prices to uphold acceptable business ethics. Uni-President believes that what is taken from the society should be used in the interest of the society when it comes to business management. When there is profit, we should share it with the society.

The simple and straightforward management philosophy of “Three Good” and “One Fairness” has been faithfully and thoroughly observed in even the smallest detail of Uni-President’s management. A deeper purpose lies beneath the philosophy’s full execution throughout the organization: it is to inspire every Uni-President to “cultivate right mindfulness and perform good deeds”.

Integrity and hard work ~ the cornerstone of Uni-President’s corporate spirits


Mr. Kao Chin-Yen, the founder of Uni-President Enterprise Corp., his integrity and hard work. has become Uni-President’s most important management philosophy; it is the driving force behind Uni-President that pushes the company to keep up and surpass Taiwan’s economic growth, and is the cornerstone of the Uni-President’s foundation in the pursuit of innovation in the days to come.

Being truthful and sincere in one’s demeanor is the essence being honest. Everyone at Uni-President exhibits a natural, positive, and approving attitude in all their endeavors. Uni-President staff strives to cultivate the qualities of goodwill, kindhearted, making good use of available resources, adopting the right business ethics and convincing others with reason. We will not err in our ways as long as we have the right awareness. Uni-President has insisted in ethical business practices and management, and has worked hard to maintain a friendly and lasting relationship with the interested parties. From the standpoint of extending love and care to those in need, Uni-President has always cared about its employees, its consumers and our natural environment. While seeking for profit, Uni-President has taken up a greater goal of giving back to the society, its employees and shareholders.

Exhibiting the will to work hard is a display of respect for our job. Our founder has set the perfect example to inspire and motivate every Uni-President employee to tackle every challenge at work with a sincere and positive attitude towards life. Uni-President employees are serious, responsible, cooperative, disciplined, active, motivated, willing to learn and selfless in their contributions. When working as a team, regardless of the nature of the interaction (i.e. superior to subordinates/subordinates to superior/ collaboration among coworkers), they show trust and respect for each other. Everyone at Uni-President is sincere in their interactions and never takes anything for granted. When encountering hardships in their work, this pressing force would naturally lead all Uni-President personnel to stand firm and remain collected in the face of challenges in order for the team to produce the maximum potential and performance.

In addition, Founder Kao’s philosophy of “Poverty makes me cherish blessings. Growth makes me feel grateful. Responsibility guides me into unselfish pioneering. ” is not merely his personal insight of life; it has already subtly changed the behavior of everyone at Uni-President, so that we constantly remind ourselves to remain honest at all times; be diligent in our work; treasure every opportunity we get; be grateful in every growth we experience and be selfless in passing on our fine heritage to the next generation.

Innovation for progress ~ Let us all do our part in managing Uni-President


In 1989, the baton of Uni-President’s management was passed down to Mr. Lin Chang-Sheng (the Former CEO of Uni-President Enterprise Corp.). With the weight of Mr. Wu and Mr. Kao’s accomplishments upon his shoulders, Mr. Lin has been observing and evaluating the current situation. In celebration of the company’s 20th birthday, Mr. Lin came to the realization that corporate management has to include elements of creativity and innovation in order to face global competition. He thus proposed the philosophy of “innovation for progress” to complement the quintessence of “Three Good and One Fairness” and “Integrity and hard work”, which have been the core of Uni-President’s corporate culture since its establishment. The inclusion of this new philosophy added elements of growth that will propel the company to move forward in the contemporary age. The new philosophy is essential to Uni-President in facing the changes and challenges of the new age while probing further into the minds of the consumers to discover their true needs.

Being innovative means to adopt the mindsets and methods that would put the company in a leading position. In light of the needs and trends of the times, we should keep an open mind towards new ideas and concepts, be flexible and versatile in our reaction to changes and improve the competitiveness of our corporate management so that Uni-President would be qualified to compete in the international market and accomplish the goal of sustained management. At the same time, we should initiate a movement for complete innovation within the organization by involving every employee; as we strive for innovation in the existing domains, we ought to overtake our competitors and seek for a destructive innovation that would bring critical breakthroughs so that the idea of “innovation” would be deeply implanted into the awareness of every Uni-President employee in their work.

Innovation is not a merely a slogan; it should involve total implementation and reflect a willingness to accept, choose and adopt changes in order to adequately cater to the material and tangible needs of the general public. In addition, it is a determination to embrace change that would allow Uni-President to satisfy the spiritual, cultural and psychological needs of the consumers. Courageous breakthroughs in concepts/mindsets, management considerations and operational models would require full collaboration of thorough planning (to do the right thing), execution and speed (efficiency) in order to accomplish our goals for “progress”.

“Let us all do our part in managing Uni-President” encompasses the idea of all Uni-President employees working hand-in-hand to achieve seamless cooperation. With “integrity” as our motto, “diligence” as our working spirit and our perpetual pursuit of “innovation for progress” in Uni-President’s product and management, we are committed to providing the best products and service quality to consumers in order to achieve our ultimate goal of satisfying our consumers. We will strive to lay the foundation of Uni-President’s perpetual development by winning the trust and respect from the consumer.

Opening a new page of a healthy and happy 21st century

As we move to the 21st century, consumers needs have also progressed from survival, to satisfying material desires, to respecting the value of life. With management philosophies to become synonymous to Everyone's All-time Favorite Symphony of Food, “A Kiss to the Spirit of the Future” and improving our corporate spirits, Uni-President will be emphasizing on “enjoying the wonderful value of life” in providing consumers with healthy products and services that will satisfy their bodies, hearts and minds. By gathering people’s will and strength for mutual survival, Uni-President will fulfill its promises in the creation of a healthy and happy future for consumers around the world.