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From its beginnings in a town in Southern Taiwan, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. has grown into a general business group that is committed to serving consumers with healthier food products throughout Taiwan, Mainland China and the rest of the world with 40 years of hard work and painstaking management. Apart from our insistence of Uni-President’s philosophy to offer good quality, good credibility, good services at fair prices, we have endeavored to become everyone’s favorite symphony of food that improves the quality and value of our consumers’ lives.

As a team, everyone at Uni-President is determined to materialize the initial ideals of our founder and we insist on becoming the leader in the industry. We will never abandon or betray this common goal. With our hearts and souls aligned towards the same objective, we will be consistent in our actions and truly become a cohesive team.

“All-time” refers to our pursuit of continuous growth and existence. “Everyone’s Favorite” states our efforts to provide the best products and services for all consumers by keeping up to date with the global and local consumption trends. By doing so, we win the trust and support of our consumers, clients, employees, stockholders and partners. “Food Symphony” reflects the company’s motto of having all employees to take part in the company’s management and thus implies that Uni-President is a company that greatly values internal teamwork. Our business is similar to a symphony where every employee (performer) has been given specific tasks; apart from emphasizing professional proficiency for each individual, the harmony of the company’s overall performance has been given greater weight. With regards to Uni-President’s business operations, food and related upstream/downstream products are our major product lines, and we have developed numerous product combinations to appeal to different consumer groups by considering factors such as regional markets, characteristics of marketing channels and trends/changes in consumer behaviors. Just like an engrossing piece of symphony music, Uni-President will take consumers to a brand new world of rich and exciting experiences with its products. We strive to make Uni-President a multinational enterprise that is cherished by consumers worldwide, just like symphony is a language that resounds profoundly across all nations.

Uni-President also pledges to devote itself to the idea of building a food kingdom inseparable from modern consumers with love and care. “Love and Care” represents Uni-President’s concern for its employees, its consumers and the Earth we live in, and its determination in building management systems for industrial safety and hygiene and the protection of our environment. As we strive for greater profit, we will dedicate n equal amount of focus to repay society, our employees and stockholders. We hope consumers may feel our dedication and sincerity as they enjoy our delicious foods and superior services.

“Build” reflects Uni-President’s promise to replace simple management with leadership by emphasizing far reaching vision and strategies in its business operations. In the domain of food production technology, we have surpassed our competitors by developing products and services that truly cater to consumer needs to become the leading brand in the market. In addition, Uni-President has extended its operational antenna from manufacturing food products for people’s basic survival to becoming an well-rounded manufacturer that cares and enriches consumers’ lives. We will overcome all challenges to bring our brand name from the local market to the international stage in order to reach out to every corner of our consumers’ lives. By providing excellent services to safeguard the physical and mental health of consumers, Uni-President aims to build a food kingdom inseparable from modern consumers with love and care in order to improve the lives of every consumer in the world.

As every Uni-President employee is working diligently towards this captivating symphony of food, the company’s philosophies of “Integrity, diligence and innovation for progress” have assumed the role of the conductor; it gives us a common spiritual culture and enables Uni-President products and services to become enticing notes in the symphonies of filled with health, culture, joy and life. This echoes with our “Kiss to the Spirit of the Future” effort in the new millennium to create dreams and hopes and spread good health and happiness. Uni-President will work together with consumers in creating a better future and in turn, this will enhance our corporate image in the hearts of consumers and elevate the health of our society and people.