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The need for large-scale production volume in the provisions industry has led the Provisions Group to form a long-term strategic plan, which includes the formation of the first virtual group company at Uni-President in 2001 and the introduction of vertical integration in its worldwide operations in 2003. After foreseeing an increase competition in free trade following Taiwan’s entry to WTO, we have coordinated our five core businesses (foodstuffs, animal feed, flour, edible oils, and aquatic products) with support from animal & aquatic technologies. Over time, we have shifted the management of all provision businesses under our headquarters—President China Investment and Uni-President Vietnam Co. With the integrative structural platform, we will be able to expedite and expand our investments at home and abroad.


Beginning with animal feed and flour division in 60’s, edible oil division in 70’s, aquatic and livestock division in 80’s, the Provisions Group of Uni-President has witnessed Taiwan’s economic revolution from agriculture, to industry and to commerce. At the same time, we have continued innovating, and growing along with Taiwan’s economy and our customers.

Since the 90’s, the Provisions Group has been active in deployments in Mainland China, Southeast Asia, India, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, and Central South America; engaged in international trade; established bases for marketing and production; and constructed platforms for raw material procurement and technology sharing. Current projects allied with foreign partners include Cargill-President (Dongguan) Feed & Protein Technology Co., Santong Wanfu (Qingdao) Food Co., Dalian Beiliang Logistical Management Co., and (E-Commerce). In order to achieve the most effect from our international cooperation, we have carried out transnational marketing and shared technology with our foreign friends, such as Japanese Nisshin Oil Co., and French Aventis Co. Hopefully, our vision of sharing resources worldwide will eventually be accomplished.

The Provisions Group has outlined five core principles for our worldwide operations:
(1) Internationalize the Corporation,
(2) Implement Regional Production and Marketing,
(3) Create Product Differentiation,
(4) Diversify Marketing,
(5) Enlarge Operations.
By adopting these principles, we hope to improve the Provisions Group’s competitiveness in the international stage. As global competition has transcended the boundaries of nations, the Provision Group shall strive for new business expansion and nurture professional talents so as to broaden our vision, fulfill our corporate responsibilities and accomplish the goal of sustained management.