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I. Background and history of development:

Since its initiation in 1967, Uni-President has always taken research and development very seriously. During the company’s initial operation, a research unit was created in the Engineering Division. The primary focus of research at the time was on the development of new animal feed formula, wheat flour development and quality inspection experiments. In 1972, operations in research and development became independent as the Research Division was created with three sections for Experiment, Research and Service. The responsibilities of the Research Division involved the research and development of flour, animal feed, oil and grease, instant noodles, dairy products and beverages. In 1987, the division was further expended into three different research divisions. The Central Research Institute was established in 1991 with hefty budgets being allocated for R&D. The number of personnel and equipment allocated for the Central Research Institute increased even further to develop new food products featuring new technologies and functionalities. The creation of the Central Research Institute demonstrated Uni-President’s determination in the accumulation of technologies to become one of the largest food manufacturing companies around the world. In 1996, Uni-President built a General Research Institute in Kunshan City in Shanghai and have also created research units in branches across Southeast Asia (Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia) to handle the tasks of product development and quality control in the local market.

II. Responsibilities:

Following the footsteps of the company’s development, Uni-President’s Central Research Institute has been hard at work in the development of new products and innovation/introduction of technologies. The Institute has gradually accumulated core technologies for food products and competitiveness to secure Uni-President’s leading position in both the market and technology. The Central Research Institute has four primary responsibilities:

(1) Development of new products:
To develop consumers’ favorite products through formula designs and seasoning technologies while utilizing knowledge and application technologies in additives to develop unique and differentiated products with high competitiveness.

(2) Development of new technologies:
To continue in the innovation of new food product technologies to offer a competitive niche for Uni-President’s products. For example, the creation of non-fried instant noodle formula and manufacturing process; the establishment of scent evaluation technology for fresh milk to stabilize the quality of dairy products and the creation of standardized manufacturing process and insecticide residue management technology for upstream manufacturers of tea beverages. By controlling these key technologies, Uni-President will be able to secure its lead in terms of technological advancement.

(3) Improvement and enhancement of quality:
To conduct research on adding health related features to products and quality improvements, such as low temperature pasteurization to retain nutrients in milk; the development of LP33 drinking yogurt with bacteria to enhance our immune systems and the innovation of single-cell extraction technology to preserve the aroma and nutrients of tea leaves. In the area of research analyses, the Central Research Institute has developed inspection technologies for hazardous factors and nutritional ingredients and created standards of safety and hygiene for raw materials to ensure products’ nutritional value and safety.

(4) Control technologies for raw materials to reduce product costs:
The Central Research Institute has established quality specifications for raw materials from a technical perspective in order to control the costs of raw material procurement. In addition, we have established quality certification systems for secondary raw material suppliers to eliminate price-gouging practices and expand room for price negotiation in order to reduce the company’s operational costs.

III. Organization infrastructure:

The Central Research Institute currently houses more than 100 personnel whom have been separated in the following six research divisions:

  1. First Food Product Development Division: responsible for the research and development of instant noodles, bakery products, meat products, seasonings, flour, edible oil and so forth.
  2. Second Food Product Development Division: responsible for the research and development of beverages including tea, fruit juice, mineral water, bottled water, energy drinks and sports drinks.
  3. Third Food Product Development Division: responsible for the research and development of fresh milk, soy milk, yogurt, flavored milk, ice-cream and dessert.
  4. Technology Development Division: responsible for the research and development of packaging, application of seasonings, coffee products, sensory evaluation, gathering of statistical data from market researches, analyzing precision equipment and food safety.
  5. Life Sciences Research Center: responsible for the development of health products, traditional Chinese medicine and herbal applications and the research of biochemical functionality validation platforms.
  6. Research Management and Planning Room: responsible for the research system, project management, nutritional science researches, intellectual property asset management and utilization of external resources.
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