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“Aspiration for China, Ambition for the World.” As Uni-President is escalating autonomously, we are also looking forward to pave the way into the new century with the prosperity of the Chinese economy. Uni-President’s development towards internationalization is to promote Chinese cuisine to the world through Chinese living worldwide. Since the mainland has the largest Chinese population and has enjoyed fast economic growth in recent years, Uni-President’s investment in China will become an important step towards the international stage. It will also be the key to the company’s success in the 21st century.

General Food 17
Shenyang President Enterprises Co Ltd. Harbin President Enterprises Co. Ltd.
Beijing President Food Co. Ltd. Beijing President Drink and Food Co. Ltd.
Beijing President Kirin Beverage Co. Ltd. Kunshan President Enterprises Food Co. Ltd.
Hefei President Enterprises Co. Ltd. Chengzhou President Enterprises Co. Ltd.
Chengdu President Enterprises Food Co. Ltd. Wuhan President Enterprises Food Co. Ltd.
Nanchang President Enterprises Co. Ltd. Guangzhou President Enterprises Co. Ltd.
Fuzhou President Enterprises Co. Ltd. Kushan President Kikkoman Biotechnology Corp.
Xijiang President Enterprises Co. Ltd. Guangzhou Food Science & Technology
Jinmailang Beverage (Beijing) Co. Ltd.  

Provisions 9
Zhongshan President Enterprises Co. Ltd. Shanghai Songjiang President Enterprises Co. Ltd.
Meishan President Feed & Oil Co., Ltd. Qingdao President Enterprises Co. Ltd.
Tianjin President Enterprises Food Co., Ltd. Cargill-President (Dongguan) Feed Protein Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhangjiagang President Nisshin Food Co., Ltd. San Tong Wan Ff (Qingdao) Food Co., Ltd. (STW)
President Fu Che (Qingdao) Food Co. Ltd.  

Business 5
Starbucks Coffee Company (Shanghai) Carrefour Tianjin (China) Carrefour Chongqing (China)
Carrefour Guangzhou (China) President (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd.  

Others 20
Wuxi Tongyi Industrial Packing Co., Ltd. Fujian Tongyi Tin Co., Ltd.
Chengdu Tongyi Packing Industrial Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Tongyi Tinplate Co. , Ltd.
Eversplendor Electrics (Shen Zhen) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Co. , Ltd
Xianglu (Xiamen) Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd. Xianglu Petrochemicals (Xiamen) Co. Ltd
Tianjin Tongyi Industry Co., Ltd. SYNergy ScienTech (KunShan) Corp.
Hainan SCI-POWER electronic information (group) Co., Ltd. Tonshen (Kunshan) Co.Ltd.
Cheng Shing Fung Optical Electronic Co. Ltd. Ningbo Malting Company Limited
Lien Xin Da (Wuxi) Optical Electronic Co. Ltd. Kangnaxiang Enterprise (Shanghai) Co., Ltd San Ho (Kunshan) Co. Ltd.
Scinopharm Kunshan Biochemical Co., Ltd. Shanghai President International Foods Corp.