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With multi-dimensional management as its central operating strategy, and after years of development and growth, UPEC’s various subsidiaries have grown and prospered to turn UPEC into a major multinational corporation it is today. We focus on key regions that promise high global competitiveness, and our in-depth cultivation of the Asian market exploits the international capital markets. UPEC has established different sub-conglomerates according to the characteristics and relevance of its various subsidiaries to achieve its strategic deployments. An example would be UPEC’s Logistic Sub-conglomerate headed by President Chain Store Corporation.
Sub-conglomerate development does not merely restructuring corporate infrastructure but ensures the consistency of each group’s long-term development strategies to extend their core advantages. In order to achieve this, UPEC first divided its core companies and subsidiaries according to the nature of their operations. Those with similar functions were grouped together to form a sub-conglomerate. Then, through division of labor and optimal resource distribution, UPEC extended the scope of its core businesses to the international market while gradually retreating away from non-core sectors. This reflects UPEC’s foresight, as it is the evitable trend for corporate development.
Confronted by the challenges of a globalized economy, UPEC plans to adopt the strategy of “vertical collaboration and vertical linkage” through an electronic resource sharing system. Led by its sub-conglomerate’s core businesses, UPEC will be able to reinforce its overall competitive advantages and accomplish the its goal of “resource sharing and benefit sharing” within the group to become one of the most competitive corporation around the world.