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President International Development Corp. (PIDC) was established in 1997 with an initial capital of NT$ 15 billion. PIDC shoulders the mission of running the Investment Sub-conglomerate’s operations. By uniting the sub-conglomerate’s resources for strategic investments, PIDC focuses its investment policy and actively adjusts its long-term investment structure to bring new opportunities for the Investment Sub-conglomerate. With the diligent work and painstaking effort of the professional crew, PIDC’s investments in the last decade have turned a profit from loss with steady growth.

In the realty business sector, PIDC’s notable investments include: 1. Uni-President International Building, completed in December 2005. The retail space was leased to Eslite Bookstore, which officially moved into the building in August 2007. 2. Dream Mall Shopping Center: PIDC was one of the investors in this commercial center complex project. Dream Mall was officially operational in June 2007. 3. Taipei City Government’s MRT transfer station BOT construction: PIDC took part in its investment to integrate the management of hotel, shopping center and transfer station into one. The operation of the transfer station is scheduled for commencement in 2010.

In the area of biopharmaceuticals, PIDC has invested in: 1. Impax, a renowned international pharmaceutical company. The investment has netted PIDC a profit of NT$ 1 billion. 2. Accuray: a designer and manufacturer of a non-invasive robotic radiosurgery system with superior accuracy for treatment of tumors anywhere in the body. Accuray went public in February 2007 and PIDC netted a profit of NT$ 3 billion from the disposal of its partial shares. 3. Scino Pharm Taiwan Ltd.: a process R&D and API manufacturing service provider. The company has recently turned a profit from loss and is planning to go public. In addition, there were several other biotechnology companies PIDC invested in that have been making profits and further consolidated the groups leading status in its food and biotechnology business investments.

Looking back the past decade, PIDC has successfully accomplished its missions with its principles of “making steady profit with group services”. In the future, PIDC hopes to rely on its expertise and professional insight to predict market trends in order to make appropriate investment decisions. Coupled with group strategies, PIDC shall concentrate on its deployment of biotechnology medical care, optoelectronics and realty investments so as to achieve asset invigoration and finance innovation and consolidate its position as a leading international investment holding. With operating philosophies of “Understanding Value, Creative Services and Stable Profits”, PIDC will continue to reinforce its personnel’s core competitive strengths so as to create value for stockholders and exponential growths for UPEC. PIDC aims to become UPEC’s main source of profit and revenue.