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Uni-President – A food symphony enjoyed by all
A lifestyle business integrated with modern society through love and care..

“Unity”: This refers to everyone’s joint efforts in materializing the original intentions of the founder and the persistence in the “main principle” of becoming an integral team.

“Continuity”: This refers to our intention to continually pursue growth and improvement.

“Enjoyed by All”: This refers to our endeavor to win the trust and support of our consumers, clients, employees, stockholders and partners.

“Food Symphony”: Uni-President is a company that greatly values teamwork. All employees take part in the company’s management. When developing consumers’ favorite product portfolios, our management team is like the members of a symphony orchestra, where every employee is a performer with a part to play in delivering the melodious music, taking the audience into a realm of abundant imaginations.

A lifestyle business integrated with modern society: Uni-President Enterprises Corp. aims to extend our reach from food manufacturing – the fulfillment of consumers’ basic survival needs–to the all-encompassing services industry to care about consumers and fulfill their needs. We constantly strive to treat our employees, the consumers and environment with a loving and caring attitude by fulfilling our CSRs and giving back to society, we intend to create a lifestyle business integrated with modern society. Furthermore, with “A Touch of the Millennium Love” project as the blueprint, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. is determined to elevate the health of society and citizens.