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Being a corporate manager, I have always been faced with the dilemma of the changing Vs the unchanging. While management environments do change and industries are constantly evolving, the only truth that remains as a constant is the fact that “to not step forward is to step backwards”. Similarly with Uni-President’s management, some things have changed and some have remained the same. We still insist on ethical management practices, winning the hearts of consumers and the trust of investors; those do not change. But at the same time, the company has been taking steps towards innovative management along the changes of the times.

Uni-President has worked with its excellent employees who believed in the company’s corporate culture of “integrity, diligence and innovation for progress” and partners who agreed with the company’s philosophy of “Three Good” and One Fairness” for four decades. In this rapid changing environment, Uni-President has tirelessly striven for innovation and progress in order to grasp the trends of time and satisfy consumers’ diverse needs with diversified thinking. Today we have become a major conglomerate with operations in industries related to consumers’ livelihood, crossing the domains of food, beverage, provisions, retail, trading, logistics, life sciences, construction, recreational tourism, investment and so forth. We provide consumers with comprehensive services in consumers’ daily lives across Asia.

Quality and credibility is the lifeblood of every enterprise. Presently, countless consumers utilize Uni-President’s products and services on a daily basis and this shows that consumers recognize and trust Uni-President’s quality. On the other hand, it also serves as a constant reminder for everyone at Uni-President to keep up with the company’s effort to produce the best products with the most professional technologies and techniques so that consumers trust our products. It is imperative that all Uni-President staff continues to be diligent in order to provide services that are closely aligned with consumers’ needs and insist on ethical business operations to accumulate credibility for Uni-President. These are Uni-President’s key assets in achieving sustained development.

We have remained faithful to this one simple ideal for forty years without going astray, and we have indeed won recognition from the consumer. And in return, we were able to repay our investors with impressive operational performances and staying true to the ideal of “what is taken from the society should be used in the interest of the society”. Uni-President has shown its care for disadvantaged minorities by supporting various charities, donating to ongoing medical researches to promote the health of our people and organizing/sponsoring charity events to enrich the minds of consumers. On top of that, we are vigilant in our efforts to ensure work safety and be in compliance with various environmental protection issues and stipulations as a way to do our part in protecting the safety of consumers and employees and caring for the Earth. All these active and concrete contributions to the society are faithful reflections of Uni-President’s efforts in fulfilling our obligations to society.

From a small flour factory in the countryside of Tainan 40 years ago, to an international conglomerate today, Uni-President has always kept abreast with the times and has been ever changing in its management strategies and pacing. Our achievements in the past will always remind us that endless possibilities await us in the future. Everyone at Uni-President will do their best and work towards the creation of a healthy and happy future for consumers around the world.

The most important mission in managing a corporation is to create value. A corporation will only be able to acquire reasonable profit to create value for its shareholders when it is capable of creating values for its consumers by providing satisfactory services and products. When a corporation is able to create value for its shareholders, it acquires the ability to take care of its employees, support collaborating partners and eventually contribute to the society. In other words, the only way for corporations to achieve sustained management is to constantly create values needed by the general public and bring positive influences to society. And such is the corporate mission Uni-President has been pursuing.

Since its initiation, Uni-President has always maintained its principle and integrity to engage in ethical business practices, develop customer-oriented quality products and services and create a network of trust with all its collaborating partners to achieve mutual benefits. More importantly, we have been cautious and conscientious in fulfilling the mission of the company and strive to create the maximum value for our shareholders in order to acquire the capacity to repay the society. This is the reason why Uni-President has made adjustments along the changes of the society and its economic environment to grow into a general business group with cross-domain operations in food, logistics, trading and etc. Its business territory has expanded from being centered in Taiwan to reach out to other developing countries and regions in Asia, shaping its blue print for development towards internationalization.

Looking to the future, the ASEAN countries, along with China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand and so forth, will form the world’s biggest free-trade economic body. This region will have a population of nearly three billion and conceal vast business opportunities that are difficult to fathom. Naturally, it will also draw corporations around the world to fight for market dominance. Being a participant of the next wave of history-making competition, Uni-President will be facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

In the future, we will place more focus on the “golden triangle” (food manufacturing, logistics and trading) that constitutes Uni-President’s core competitiveness and be fully committed to the implementation of the primary operational strategy of “One core (brand management) and four axes (manufacturing + R&D; distribution channel management, trade flow and strategic alliance & acquisition). This strategy will be the key in determining if Uni-President has what it takes to become the leader of the food manufacturers in the Asian region. Therefore, we will continue to enhance our human resources, funding, organizational abilities and core advantages to increase the odds of our success in controlling the vast business opportunities in the Asian market and taking the lead in this global competition to continue in our effort in creating the maximum value for consumers and shareholders.