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Provisions Group – Value Innovation


Founded in 2001, the Provisions Group introduced vertical integration in its worldwide operations by consolidating animal feeds, wheat flour and aquatic product businesses, along with the technology resources to collectively manage the Provisions Group in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, India, and Malaysia. In recent years, the group has kept strengthening its high added value brand development in pet foods (Petlife and Baby Dog), baking flour (My Day) and ornamental fish food (Aqua Master) etc. in order to enhance the group’s values through brand promotion.

Guided by the principle of “Enhance self-value through steady growth”, the Provisions Group has collaborated with domestic and overseas academic institutions to introduce functional elements and reinforce the existing products. Moreover, driven by business sustainability, Provisions Group is committed to maintaining the brand asset of “safety, peace of mind and quality”. It is hoped that this will foster the related business developments under the premise of value management to establish a brand-new milestone.