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Dairy and Beverage Group – Innovative and continuous refinement


The Dairy and Beverage Group consists of Dairy Product Division, Tea and Beverage Division, Coffee Division, Water Division and General Beverage Division. Relevant divisions and products have been established to China and Southeast Asia(Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines)

"Build strong brands through product innovation, quality improvement and production optimization" is the goal of Dairy and Beverage Group. In 1975, we first introduced cutting-edge Tetra-Pak equipment, and launched beverages and milk products in Tetra Pak, leading in beverage and milk products packaging in Taiwan.In 1992, we launched "AB yogurt" that was later certified as health food in 2000, eventually became popular digestive dietary products among Taiwanese consumers. In 1993, we launched first packed chilled tea "Pure Tea" that changed the consumers' tea drinking habit. In 1999, we introduced PET production line, and created new product values through innovative production and tea extraction techniques, thereby generating outstanding performance of the "Chai li won". In 2005, the Japanese-style sugarless green tea was the first bottled green tea to receive health certification for regulating blood lipids. In the same year,Uni-President introduced the Dr. Milker premium fresh milk product. The company has also developed numerous health products to meet the consumers' health needs, of which, many have won health food certifications. Adhering to the spirit of innovation, we will continue to pursue improvements in product safety and taste. Starting in 2017, Ruisui fresh milk won Monde Selection Gold Quality Award and iTQi Superior taste Award for two consecutive years. In addition to providing safe products, the brand is working to become a high-quality milk brand recognized by international quality institute.