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General Food Group – Intensive work in markets


The General Food Group includes International, Sauce and Seasoning, Meat Production, Ice Cream Divisions. The International Division is focused on the Chinese market, and it has gradually established trade networks by distributing domestic/foreign labels. The Sauce and Seasoning Division has collaborated with Japan’s renowned soy sauce manufacturer Kikkoman Inc. With Uni-President’s advantage in distribution channels, the division has adopted a dual brand (Four Season and Kikkoman) management strategy in Taiwan to achieve extraordinary results. Currently, Uni-President is the leading brand of soy sauce product in the domestic market. The Meat Division has capitalized on its advantages in R&D and manufacturing technology to foster product differentiation and characteristics. Its Imperial and Proker brands have established a professional image for the firm’s meat products. The Ice Cream Division features domestic labels such as Polar Delight, Smoothie and Ice Walker. The division strives to become the professional purveyor of the highest quality ice products so that the consumers can enjoy them with peace of mind.