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Uni-President Central R&D Institute – Cutting-edge technology

In 1992, the company established the Uni-President Central R&D Institute by integrating and expanding research personnel and equipment. The institute has been committed to upgrading the industry technology and deepening developments in the food research field. In 1996, the Central R&D Institute Kunshan Branch was formed in response to the company’s investment needs in China. In 2001, Kunshan R&D Center was officially created. Named China General R&D Institute, it is dedicated to localizing R&D technology, while research units have also been established throughout Southeast Asia, in charge of local product development and quality control needs. Since its inception, the professional R&D talents at Uni-President Central R&D Institute have become some of the best in the Taiwanese food industry, and an abundance of key technologies and patents have been accumulated. In addition to specializing in FMCG products, the institution is also endeavored in producing “healthy, functional, and natural” products, including more than 20 health food certified products such as Uni-President AB drinking yogurt and Chai Li Won Japanese Style Green Tea Sugar Free etc., thereby offering consumers more health drink alternatives.