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Uni-President Enterprises Corp. Evolving Your Life Value

From a humble flour mill to today’s international corporation, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. not only continues to grow with time, we also seek innovation and strive to stay ahead of the latest trends. By investing in the right products or businesses at the right time, we are able to integrate available resources for optimal utilization, in turn fostering social prosperity and economic growth.

UPEC’S progress can be summarized in the following five stages:

The Pioneering Period (1967-1973)    Grasp the pulse of the market to seize the initiative

Taiwan started out as an agricultural society and gradually advanced to industrialization. Uni-President Enterprises Corp. was the first to adopt “high-efficiency” automated modern manufacturing facilities to expand our economies of scale and set a goal of opening a new plant every year. Expansion of our products relies mainly on the vertical integration of upstream and downstream partners. This is not only consistent with our goal to satisfy the consumers’ basic needs for food but also solidified our business foundation.

Growth Period (1974-1982)    Enhance added values and reinforce competitive advantage
With the rapid growth of Taiwan’s economy came a surge in consumer purchasing power. Uni-President Enterprises Corp. recognized the opportunity to shift from a production oriented company to one geared towards sales while increasing value-added products and services in order to cater to the needs of the consumers. In addition, we have imported outstanding equipment and technologies from abroad to strive toward our operations strategy of “high quality and high value” and enhance our competitive advantage.
Conglomeration Period (1983-1989)    Diversification from the inside out
Taiwan’s economy continued to show steady growth during this period and the society heralded the era of commercialization and diversification. At the same time, it also marked the beginning of Uni-President Enterprises Corp.’s involvement in distribution channels. Furthermore, high quality products were developed and imported to cater to diverse social trends. As a result, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. was able to fuel its growth and establish a leading position in the domestic food manufacturing industry. At the same time, the company responded to new business opportunities and began developing diversified new businesses, thereby creating a group management model and unleashing synergistic advantages
Internationalization Period (1990-1998)     Reaching out to the world from Taiwan
With the average GDP in Taiwan surpassing the US$10,000 mark, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. has grown into a conglomerate with diversified operations in logistics and retailing. Having adopted “social marketing” as our core operating model, we have fulfilled our obligations as a corporate citizen with the mission of providing a healthy and happy lifestyle. Uni-President Enterprises Corp. has also realized that globalization is the crux to overcoming the constraints of an island economy, therefore we have proactively constructed new plants in emerging markets throughout Asia Pacific, including China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.
Global Village Period (1990-present)     Promoting concepts of “A Touch of the Millennium Love”, health and LOHAS
In the new era of increased transformations, speed, competition, complexity, globalization, virtualization and blurred boundaries, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. will shift its competitive focus from a quantity orientation to a quality orientation. By upholding the four central pillars of “A Touch of the Millennium Love”, the firm strives to place more emphasis on consumer health and welfare related industries in order to let them enjoy a LOHAS lifestyle. Moreover, our aim is to create the most competitive food services group in the country.