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Uni-President Food Manufacturing Subsidiary
Establishing a solid central policy by implementing key strategies
Led by Uni-President Enterprises Corp., the Food Manufacturing Subsidiary has adopted a virtual group operational strategy and integration mechanism to integrate the development strategies and organizational deployments of its food production businesses at home and abroad. Its scope of operation covers provisions, instant food, dairy & beverages, general foods, baked goods and distribution businesses with production and sales bases in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia. Our products include animal feed, aquatic feed, flour, non-alcoholic beverages, instant noodle, edible oil, ice cream, frozen food, meat products, seasonings/sauces and bakeries.
The Food Manufacturing Subsidiary focuses on brand management and the four main development directions of “Manufacturing and R&D”, “Trade and Distribution”, “Channel management”, “Strategic alliance and Merger & Acquisition”. The company strives to deepen deployments in the Pan-Asia region and achieve the management goal of “Creating the greatest value for the firm”.
Furthermore, the objective of Uni-President Enterprises Corp. is to become a global paradigm in food marketing.