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Uni-President Retail, Distribution & Logistics Subsidiary(PCSC)
A lifestyle revolution

President Chain Store Corporation (PCSC) of Uni-president Group comprises mainly 7-ELEVEN and roughly 40 other vertically and horizontally affiliated chain businesses with over 30,000 employees. It is a constantly growing, dynamic organization aimed at shaping and revolutionizing lifestyles in Taiwan.

The vitality of PCSC comes from Uni-President Enterprises Corp.’s corporate culture of “Integrity, Diligence, Innovation, and Progress to the Future”, where we strive to satisfy consumers’ needs 24 hours a day. In order to continue generating growth peaks, PCSC is eager to reach out to establish international connections and branch out operations to other industries to collaborate with prominent international labels. As a result, international business models are successfully localized, in turn introducing more abundant lifestyle for consumers in Taiwan. At the same time, PCSC has also replicated its retail, distribution & logistics know-how overseas, such as Philippines Seven Corporation, thereby continually expanding its international business empire.

Today, PCSC’s business empire now spans across Taiwan, China, and the Philippines, fully integrating Uni-president Group’s retail, drugstore, logistics, recreation and department store related businesses. Looking ahead into the future, PCSC will become more proactive in fostering the expansion of its logistics empire. By venturing into more diversified, international chain businesses and by developing the overseas market with an international perspective, it will shape a more splendid future outlook.