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On January 13, 1992, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. invested and opened its first manufacturing plant in Mainland China. Xijiang President Enterprises Co. Ltd was officially formed. Holding the principle of “what comes from the mainland should be used by the mainland”, Uni-President researches and develops a wide variety of healthy products, offers job opportunities, brings in advanced enterprise management experience, remits taxes, and proactively assists and supports local business partners. With these efforts, the company aims to make a greater contribution towards China’s economic development, and the health of its people. At present, Uni-President is one of the largest foreign invested enterprises in the food industry in China.

During the early stage of operations in China, Uni-President adopted a “T-shaped” strategy by targeting the special economic development districts along the coast and Yangtze River to build manufacturing plants. Uni-President further analyzed the comparative advantages of consumer income, purchasing power, spending preferences, and related business in each regional market before making a decision on the type of investment. In 1998, Uni-President’s operational headquarter in China was established in Shanghai. It takes charge of the company’s overall investment in the mainland. Uni-President further divides the Chinese market into seven regions: Northeast, North, East, South, Central, West, and Xinjiang regions. The operational strategy of each regional headquarter is to fully penetrate the local market, and to diversified its operations by linking the manufacturing plants with different businesses in the region. They offer cooperation and balance to one another, and therefore, help to form a national operational network. This allows the company to gain a competitive advantage. In the future, Uni-President plans to achieve the goal of complete market penetration by setting up manufacturing bases and sales offices in each province.