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Strategic Expansion Globally
Through global resource integration, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. has proactively sought to strengthen its core competitiveness and expand the firm's products to the global market.
By following the international economic growth trend, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. began operations in the Chinese market in 1992. After making the first step towards internationalization, the firm produced and marketed products in several emerging Asia Pacific regions. In Vietnam, Uni-President Group developed aquatic feed, flour, instant noodle and beverage businesses. In the Philippines, in addition to establishing an instant noodle factory, the acquisition of Philippine Seven Corp. by Uni-President allowed to capitalize on the benefits of synergy. In Thailand, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. has established a beverage plant to produce juice and tea. By consolidating Uni-President's operation centers and production bases in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia, a Southeast Asian regional sales network were formed. In the future, we will optimize synergy through integration and resources sharing in order to expand globally and become a world-class food manufacturer.
Apply Successful International Experiences
Nowadays, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. has developed into a conglomerate group, by working with premier international enterprises and leading brands. Through these international collaborations, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. not only effectively connected with the international markets by introducing high quality products and successful business models to Taiwan, but also obtained valuable management know-how and brand values. In the future, Uni-President Enterprises Corp. will launch Taiwanese products to the world so that our successful experiences can be shared with other nations as well。